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Spectacular results require unusual sensitivity, insight, and focus.

We try hard to provide our clients with every possible assistance to achieve spectacular results. We do this through our reports, and our willingness to sift through the data with our clients, guiding, teaching, analyzing--going the extra step to provide the tools for further research.

Many of our original clients were naive about market research when they launched their first study, but now have gained substantial sophistication in using market research effectively. We take pride in developing that relationship, and in the growth of our clients' professional use of market research to achieve truly spectacular results.

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Zach Wilson Zachary Wilson

Zachary Wilson is the President of Wilson Research Group, LLC. He has over 25 years in market research, having managed hundreds of research projects, domestic and international, simple to complex. He has years of experience in coordinating the research team and all aspects of the research process. Zach started by learning all the tools of the trade, SPSS, WinCross, multiple programming languages, other tabulation systems, and he was at the forefront of the electronic research revolution and Internet technology, allowing WRG to quickly transition to the next great wave in modern research technology. He designed and programmed WRG's own online crosstabulation and reporting system currently in its second edition: ExecStats II. All of our clients now have the exclusive usage of this system for their own personal direct interrogation of the data. Zach's unique combination of managerial experience and deep technical knowledge assure our clients that we are up to date in using the latest research technology on their projects. His goal is to maintain the personal service that WRG is known for in making new users of research comfortable and productive users, while ensuring experienced clients of a tight thrifty speedy research process that brings the data alive for each of their projects.

Larry Wilson Larry Wilson

Larry Wilson is the founder, former owner and is now an independent consultant. Larry established the company as an outgrowth of a long standing commitment to improve products and services through research. The company's first clients were leading magazines in the computer and publishing industries. Before establishing the Wilson Research Group, LLC, Larry was involved in both publishing and software development. He has held positions of Sponsoring Editor, Associate Publisher, Senior Editor, Managing Editor, and Senior Researcher, and was the publisher of a national best seller.