Our Services

Our main service is putting relevant customer and market information in your hands when you need it, to inform ALL of your decisions. You can take advantage of our services below as a complete package or get just the services your need a la cart. Below are the services we provide organized by the study process steps. If you need a cost estimation contact us today.

Survey Preparation

  • Pre-study consulting on survey goals, methods, scope, and sample availability
  • Sample development, list purchasing (if nessissary)
  • Survey incentive consulting
  • Questionnaire design and development
  • Invitation design and testing

Survey Implementation

  • Survey programming (skip patterns, question piping)
  • Graphic design and formatting
  • Survey translations (if required)
  • Survey hosting
  • Database optimization for large data sets
  • Survey respondent management (remove requests, feedback, questions)

Post Survey Analysis

  • Data cleaning (duplicates, invalid responses, etc.)
  • Setup of ExecStats online report/dashboard
  • Online report management (multiple users/passwords for clients)
  • White label dashboard setup (get your own complete ExecStats site branded to your company)
  • Offline data anaysis (Wincross™ software used for crosstabulation and statistical analysis)
  • Excel and Powerpoint reports
  • Special reports for your key clients
  • Wincross software consulting (we teach how to use the software)

Specialized Research Areas

We specialize in the following types of research solutions.

  • Embedded systems design research (Technology usage studies, time-to-market surveys, familiarity surveys, brand share studies)
  • Media/publishing research (Subscriber studies, editorial studies, salary surveys, product rankings, competition analysis, advertising effectiveness)
  • Marketing consultant support (Building a case thru research for why a consultants services have value)
  • Customer retention research (Satisfaction studies, user success surveys, brand and product awareness research, customer retention surveys)



We have developed special techniques for consultants that demonstrate the value of a client's product or service -- for example, our "Purchasing Scenario Reports" bring to life the full context, stakes and trade-offs of major purchasing situations.

Purchasing Scenario Report: Case by Case

  • What product or service was purchased
  • Problem this purchase solved
  • Dollar amount of purchase
  • How clients' resources influenced decision
  • Criteria for selecting vendors
  • Vendors considered
  • Vendor selected
  • Reason for selecting the vendor